Publications Using HPC

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SlNo Title Author's Name Yearsort ascending Cluster used
1 Composite-fermion pairing at half-filled and quarter-filled lowest Landau level Anirban Sharma, Ajit C. Balram, and J. K. Jain
2024 Nandadevi
2 Microscopic Model for Fractional Quantum Hall Nematics
Songyang Pu, Ajit C. Balram, Joseph Taylor, Eduardo Fradkin, Zlatko Papić
2024 Nandadevi
3 Precision of morphogen-driven tissue patterning during development is enhanced through contact-mediated cellular interactions Chandrashekar Kuyyamudi, Shakti N. Menon, and Sitabhra Sinha 2023 Nandadevi
4 Supergravity model of the Haldane-Rezayi fractional quantum Hall state Dung Xuan Nguyen, Kartik Prabhu, Ajit C. Balram, and Andrey Gromov 2023 Nandadevi
5 Rate enhancement of gated drift-diffusion process by optimal resetting Arup Biswas, Arnab Pal, Debasish Mondal, Somrita Ray 2023 Nandadevi
6 Signatures of Supersymmetry in the ν=5/2 Fractional Quantum Hall Effect Songyang Pu, Ajit C. Balram, Mikael Fremling, Andrey Gromov, and Zlatko Papić 2023 Nandadevi
7 Prediction of non-Abelian fractional quantum Hall effect at ν = 2 + 4 11 Koyena Bose and Ajit C. Balram
2023 Nandadevi
8 Pronounced quantum many-body scars in the one-dimensional spin-1 Kitaev model Sashikanta Mohapatra and Ajit C. Balram 2023 Nandadevi
9 Controlled mechanical failure in glasses via designed spatial inhomogeneity Vinay Vaibhav, Jürgen Horbach, and Pinaki Chaudhuri 2023 Nandadevi
10 Competition between fractional quantum Hall liquid and electron solid phases in the Landau levels of multilayer graphene Rakesh K. Dora and Ajit C. Balram 2023 Nandadevi


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